Monday, February 6, 2012

Looking for a pardon from the govenor in Kansas? Not so fast.

This article in the Lawrence Journal World talks about the denial of clemency by the govenor of Kansas.  Kind of interesting stuff.  Looks like he did not grant a single pardon request in 2011.  That doesn't surprise me but what does make me laugh is the panoply of different offenses that people have tried to get a pardon for.  From murder all the way down to a traffic ticket.

I guess the guy who tried to get a pardon for the traffic ticket didn't realize that a pardon doesn't expunge your record it just lets a person out or prision or frees them from punishment.  Here is the article.

February 6, 2012

Kansans who were denied pardons by Gov. Sam Brownback in 2011 ranged from murderers claiming innocence to traffic law violators claiming police misconduct, according to an open records request filed by the Lawrence Journal-World.

In all, 39 people were denied pardons by Brownback last year; no pardons were granted, according to letters from the governor’s office to pardon applicants. The Kansas Prison Review Board, which reviews pardons before sending them to the governor, denied a Journal-World open records request for the full pardon applications, citing an exemption in the Kansas Open Records Act.

One of the denied pardon applicants, Ronnie Rhodes, was convicted of a 1981 murder in Wichita. He claims he’s innocent. His case has been taken up by a variety of advocates, including a Washburn University School of Law class run by Kansas attorney Rebecca Woodman. Rhodes had exhausted his appeals, and possible DNA evidence from the crime couldn’t be located for testing.  Rhodes’ application was denied, but Woodman said attorneys have resubmitted a pardon application that includes the findings of an extensive investigation.

For Rhodes, a pardon, sometimes referred to as clemency, is likely the last option, and Woodman said she hopes the governor takes a serious look at Rhodes’ case.  “Clemency is intended to be the fail-safe in the criminal justice system,” Woodman said.  Rhodes is joined by nine others denied pardons who were convicted of murder or manslaughter charges, as well as 11 with sex offense convictions.

Then there’s Eddie Mendia, a 63-year-old Wichita man who for years has been fighting a 2008 right-of-way traffic ticket given in Wellsville. Mendia, who operates the Wichita-based nonprofit Homeless Search Corp., says he was pulled over not because of a traffic violation, but because of his Mexican heritage.  “My evidence didn’t matter at all,” Mendia said of his trial that resulted in a conviction.
The Kansas Constitution gives the governor sole authority to issue pardons, which do not erase a person’s conviction but free him or her from prison or parole obligations.

Pardons are uncommon in Kansas.  Former Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius issued only one pardon during her six years as governor. Gov. Mark Parkinson, Sebelius’s successor, issued four, all related to decades-old cases.

Here are the Applicants and sopme of the Crimes they are trying to get pardons for:

Applicant's nameListed on DOC website?Earliest Release DateDate of pardon denialoffense 1Offense 2Offense 3
Johnson, Barbara L.NNA
Mendia, EddieNNever served prison timeTraffic ticket, according to Mendia
Amos, Dawn MarieArson, escaped from custody, serving in absentiaServing in absentia5/17/2011
Sloan, Jonathen YDischarged 4/10/20085/13/2011Poss. anhydrous ammonia in unapproved container, 2001, HarveyUse of ammonia for controlled substance, 2006, Reno
Brinkman, PamelaYReleased, 10/28/025/4/2011Sexual exploitation of child: possible visual child less than 16, 1996, Leavenworth (2 counts)
Heathcock, PhillipNNA
Thomasson, JamesNNA
Whitewolf, MarvinNNA
Bloom, JessicaNNA
Piland, DallasYParoled 2/10/20115/4/2011Ag. assault, 2002, Sedgwick (2 counts)Involuntary manslaughter DUI or drugs, 1997, Sedgwick
Rhodes, RonaldY8/1/20125/4/2011Ag. battery, 1979, SedgwickMurder (1st degree), 1981, Sedgwick
Janes, DavidyParoled 1/20/20115/4/2011Ag. burglary, 2007, ShawneeTheft between 1k and 25k (2 counts), 2007, Shawnee
Hooks, Rodneyy7/24/20355/13/2011Ag. Burglary,1990, SedgwickAiding Ag. Kidnapping, 1990, Sedgwick (2 counts)
Toro, AntonioY9/23/20165/13/2011Ag. indecent liberties between age 14 and 16, 2007, Shawnee (2 counts)
Clifton, MichaelY7/29/20185/24/2011Ag. indecent liberties w/ child, 1994, SedgwickAg. criminal sodomy, 1994, SedgwickAg. criminal sodomy child, 1996, Sedgwick
Smith, Ronnie A.Y3/1/20165/4/2011Ag. juvenile delinquency, 1974, JohnsonArson, 1978, JohnsonMurder (2nd degree), 1978, Johnson
Scales, EddieY9/1/20185/4/2011Ag. robbery, 1989, SedgwickTheft, 1989, SedgwickRobbery, 1989, Sedgwick
Horn, Joshuay10/30/20195/4/2011Ag. sodomy child less than 14, 2006, Butler
Nixon, GrantYLife12/22/2011Ag. sodomy, 2009, MontgomeryAg. indecent solicitation of child, 2009, MontgomeryElectronic solicitation, 2009, Montgomery
Graham, LisaYParole, 7/2/095/13/2011Attempted Murder, 1999, Saline (2 counts)
Cook, Kennethy2/1/20125/24/2011Burglary, 1985, WyandotteRobbery, 1985, ShawneeMurder (2nd degree), 1992, Shawnee
Slaughter, TerryYDischarged 9/24/20085/4/2011Criminal deprivation of a motor vehicle, 2000, PrattWorthless check less than $500, 2005, PrattDrug possession, 2007, Pratt
Gilliam, GaretteyReleased 10/4/20117/26/2011Domestic battery, 2008, RileyCriminal restraint, 2008, RileyBattery, 2008, Riley
Callaway, CharlesYParoled 8/20/20107/25/2011Drug possession, 1995, SewardManufacturing unlawful substance, 1995, SewardDrug possession within 1,000 feet school, 1995 (2 counts), Seward
Sturgeon, FrankYParoled 8/29/201112/12/2011Drug possession, 2002, KiowaDrug paraphernalia, 2002, Kiowa
Collins, Chasey6/1/20147/25/2011Indecent solicitation of a child between 14 and 16, 2001, Shawnee (2 counts)Battery on a mental health employee, 2006, Pawnee (2 counts)
Siesener, RobertYParoled 1/11/20125/4/2001Kidnapping conspiracy, 2001, Johnson (2 counts)
Young, ChanoY3/25/20255/4/2011Murder (1st degree), 1995, Geary (2 counts)
Dean, DeonyLife5/13/2011Murder (1st degree), 1998, FinneyCriminal Threat, Finney, 1996Ag. Robbery, 1998, Finney
Jamerson, Jamesy6/23/20225/13/2011Murder (2nd degree), 2001, ShawneeAg. robbery, 2001, Shawnee (2 counts)
Margrave, DarrylY11/28/20165/4/2011Rape child less than 14, 2002, Wyandotte (3 counts)Ag. sodomy, 2002, WyandotteAg. indecent liberties fondling, 2002, Wyandotte (4 counts)
Velos-Garica, RichardY4/4/20175/4/2011Rape child less than 14, 2007, Nemaha
Esquivel, Adany8/22/20125/4/2011Rape<14, 1998, Sedgwick (2 counts)
Clark, UlyssesY2/26/201712/22/2011Solicitation for murder, 2008, GearyDrug sales, 2008, GearyPerjury, 2009, Geary
Ransom, RobertYParoled 7/19/20115/4/2011Voluntary manslaughter, 2004, ShawneeCriminal possession of a firearm, 2004, Shawnee
Boomershine, BillieY3/3/20135/4/2011Aggravated Kidnapping, 1998, MontgomeryAggravated Burglary, 1998, Montgomery
Brooks, EvelynYParoled, 1/19/125/4/2011Involuntary manslaughter DUI or drugs, 2009, Shawnee
Stewart, Matthew M.No pictureReleased 7/23/2003Ag. indecent liberties w/ a child, 2002, Sedgwick
Thompson, Kevin H. YReleased 8/25/20105/4/20114th DUI, 2008,Sedgwick