Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Two men dead after Car Crash in Overland Park

Generic flashing police lights_20100409101836_JPGStumbled upon this article on NBC Channel 41's website.  This happened just up the street from my office and it is just terrible.  A couple of men got in an car accident in Overland Park and both ended up passing away.   My prayers go out to the grieving families.  Hopefully the families or their representatives will do some investigation and determine what actually happened and hold the party at fault responsible.  Here is the story.



 Police identify victims of fatal crash at 103rd Street and Nall

By: 41 Action News Staff
KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Police have identified two men killed in a car crash Saturday morning at an Overland Park intersection.  A witness told police that around 5:40 a.m., a red Ford 250 pickup truck was traveling southbound on Nall Avenue when it collided with a gray Buick traveling westbound on 103rd Street. The truck then struck a light pole.

The driver of the truck, identified as 49-year-old Wayne Willeford, of Prairie Village, Kan., was pronounced dead at the scene, according to a statement from the Overland Park Police Department.
The driver of the Buick has been identified as William Pennington, 77, of Overland Park. Pennington was transported to an area hospital, where he later died.

Pennington's wife, Evelyn, said she found the accident blocks from their home. She had gone looking for Bill because he hadn't shown up for a doctor's appointment.  Pennington endured tragedies like losing a sibling at a young age and losing a child. That, family members say, is why he lived life to the fullest and never took life's stresses too seriously. He loved to tell stories and adored his only grandchild. He and Evelyn had been married almost 60 years. He loved being outdoors and took up hobbies like cowboy shooting and golf.

His son, Gregg, hopes people will use their tragic loss as a reminder to be better behind the wheel after such a simple decision took their father's life.  "There are a lot of people out there that don't realize that they're driving one-ton and two-ton and three-ton lethal weapons," Pennington said. "They can be more respectful to each other and traffic."  There was no one else in either vehicle at the time of the crash.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Kansas City man dubbed a Hero after he saved man from burning car

It's always nice to find someone is out there doing the exceptional.  This last week it looks like we had one in Kansas City.  I man was sitting in a mini-van waiting for the light to turn when suddenly a sedan ran the light and smashed into the mini-van and a school buss full of kids.  The man in the mini-van was Marvin Brantley and although he was injured in the car wreck he sprang into action to help the person who just hit him.  Marvin Brantley dragged the person out of his car as it caught fire.  There have been a couple of stories written about this hero.  Here is one on KCTV5.


 Man Being Called a Hero after pulling injured driver from burning car
By DeAnn Smith  By Dave Jordan  By Laura McCallister  By. Sandra Olivas

It was a vicious crash that could have been much worse. One of the reasons it wasn't is because of one man who pulled a survivor from a burning car.  "I knew I was hurt, but that didn't matter at that point. I was living and trying to make sure everybody else survived," Marvin Brantley Jr. said.  The crash that happened at 38th Street and Leavenworth Road about 5 p.m. Thursday could have had deadly consequences had it not been for a man who jumped into action and pulled an injured driver out of his burning car.  "I think I done what was right under the circumstances and I'd do it again for anybody," Brantley said.

Brantley came back to the crash site the following day before heading to a doctor's appointment to reexamine his injuries.  "I'm alright - just a little sore in my rib area and my back a little bit. I survived," he said.  Brantley was the passenger in a van with his friend and her 8-year-old son when another car failed to stop at the light.  "He ran a red light, but I can't determine what the situation was. There was no tire marks so I don't know if he's having a heart attack, seizure or was drunk or anything," Brantley said.

The car slammed into a Kansas City, KS, school bus filled with children on their way home.  A KCK School District student suffered serious injuries. The student was rushed to the hospital but is expected to survive, district spokesman David Smith said. A second student suffered minor injuries.
"The black car came careening west and hit the school bus, knocked the bus in the air and to the front of our vehicle," Brantley said.

When Brantley saw everyone in his van was OK, he checked on the children and saw the bus driver getting those students out safely so he ran over to help the other driver who had a bloody face.
"I was pulling him out and he was stuck and another guy came to help me and then they told me to back away from car and it was on fire," Brantley said. "I didn't want to leave him in the burning vehicle, so I kept on pulling him and got him out of the vehicle and dragged him over into the intersection."  Brantley said seeing the car on fire was scary, but he simply would never hesitate to help someone in need.

"Not exactly. I feel like I did exactly what I was supposed to do under the circumstances," he said when asked if he feels like a hero.  Christian Ryan, 8, was in the same vehicle as Brantley. His grandmother was behind the wheel when they were hit head-on by the bus.  Ryan described his panic.
"I was just really freaked out. I almost went ballistic," he said.  Becky Ryan, his grandmother, said it is fortunate no one died in the crash because of how bad it looked.  "There was a lot going on at one time," she said. "It was a big impact. It's terrifying to think how bad it could have been."  Brantley said the driver was at the same hospital where he was taken. He asked about him and was told the driver remains in the ICU. Brantley said he hopes he gave the driver a fighting chance to survive the accident.
The bus was transporting Eisenhower Middle School students from after-school activities when the crash occurred, Smith said. Some parents came to pick up their children while another bus was brought to the scene to help get the remaining students home.

At least 30 children were on board the bus.