Friday, February 15, 2013

Two young women seriously injured in Clay County Accident

Two young ladies were injured in an accident in Clay County Missouri.  According to the Missouri Highway patrol and the investigating officer Trooper J.E. Givens just shortly before midnight on Interstate Highway 69 at North Oak Trafficway the accident occurred.  The collision occurred when a 2006 Dodge driven by Patrick Washington ran a red light and struck the right rear of a 2008 Chrysler.  The only occupant of the 2008 Chrysler was Kierrhia Knox, age 23, of Kansas City, Missouri.  She was seriously injured and was taken to North Kansas City Hospital by EMS.  There were two other occupants of the 2006 Dodge, Kevin harris age 30, of Kansas City, Missouri and Quiesta Taylor of Kansas City, Kansas.  Both were injured and taken to hospitals for care.

Click here to see the Police Report

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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

How not to bail someone out after a DUI charge...

Some people just don't learn.  A women from Connecticut goes to bail her husband out after he was pulled over for DUI. No problem, he needed help and she was their for him.  The only problem is...She reportedly was drunk driving up to the police station to bail him out.  If this is true this woman has got to be either a complete moron, to go to a police station while drunk or the most brazen women ever.

If you are drunk or breaking the law in anyway by using some sort of mind altering substance,  you might think twice before going to a police station to bail someone out.  Call a bailbonds man for crying out loud!

Here is the article.

Connecticut woman busted for DUI after arriving at police HQ to bail out Husband charged with DUI

By: Lee Moran

April Cassidy Velez, 32, was arrested at police headquarters in Hamden, Conn., after driving there to pick up husband Edwin Velez III, 33.

Edwin Velez III, 33, was charged with DUI after a crash in Hamden, Conn. His wife, April Cassidy Velez, was charged with DUI after she appeared intoxicated when she showed up at the police department to pick him up, police said. Police did not release a photo of April Cassidy Velez.
Edwin Velez III, 33, was charged with DUI after a crash in Hamden, Conn. His wife, April Cassidy Velez, was charged with DUI after she appeared intoxicated when she showed up at the police department to pick him up, police said. Police did not release a photo of April Cassidy Velez.

A wife was caught drunk driving as she drove to bail out her husband who had been busted for DUI just hours earlier, it has been claimed.

April Cassidy Velez, 32, was arrested Saturday night after making her way to police headquarters in Hamden, Conn., to pick up Edwin Velez III.  Police say she appeared intoxicated at the front desk and arrested her.  They later found her pickup truck, littered with empty beer cans and wine bottles, parked in a spot reserved for police vehicles.

Her husband, 33, had been detained earlier in the evening after police found his car, empty but with the engine still running, crashed into a snow bank.  He was found at his home, nearby, and failed a sobriety test. He was almost three times over the legal blood-alcohol limit.

He has been charged with driving while intoxicated and risk of injury to a minor.
Police say his wife and their 5-year-old daughter had been in the car at the time of his crash.
April Velez has been charged with with driving while intoxicated. Both were released and will appear in court on Feb. 22.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

KU firing on all cylinders. A rare sports entry.

Alright, I mostly post about legal articles and accidents and general interesting things happening in the legal world.  However, this time I am going to write a little bit about our team the Kansas Jayhawks. 

After KU's recent implosion in which they lost three in a row, which you are most certainly aware of and the fact that a three loss skid hasn't happened since 2005, which you are also almost certainly aware of since every sportscaster in the world has brought it up about 5 times each since the Oklahoma loss. 

KU comes out and absolutely blows the Staters out of the field house.  The K-State game was an absolute destruction.  The funny thing is K-State really didn't play all that bad. They had only one more turnover than KU.  They shot 42% from three. (Which was better than KU)  They shot over 70% on free throws.  The fact of the matter is they really didn't play all that bad. 

K-State shot 40.6 % from the field. 

Oklahoma State shot 40.6% from the field when they beat KU.
TCU shot 37.2% from the field when they beat KU.
Oklahoma shot 42.3 % from the field when they beat KU.

So the teams that beat KU didn't exactly shoot the ball far better than K-State did against KU.

What KU did do this game was:

1. Shoot far better free throw percentage.

Collectively over the three losses KU shot 65% from the free throw line.  Against K-State, KU shot 86% from the line.  (Which translated into 19 points)

2. Rebound way better.  

K-State +19 Rebounds

Against all three teams KU lost to...they were an average +3 rebounds.

So KU had 16 more opportunities to do something with the ball against K-State than they did on average over the other three team they lost to.

3. Shoot the ball better... but not as much as you would think.

Kansas vs K-State (Kansas Shot 45.5%)

Oklahoma (Kansas Shot 43.5%)
TCU (Kansas Shot 25.3%)
Oklahoma State (Kansas Shot 41.9%)

Even though KU did shoot better it just goes to show you that the fundamentals mean soo much when it comes to getting the W.  Extra rebounds and making your free throws can win you a lot of games.  This Jayhawk fan was just happy to get a win in what has been a very frustrating couple of days.  It also goes to show you how spoiled we are to by KU fans.  Three losses in a row is just doing business as usual for most of college basketball.  For us.. to say it bluntly...we were freaking out.

Rock Chalk Jayhawk!