Thursday, October 13, 2011

What will happen if I don't pay a speeding ticket in Kansas?

If you were given a Speeding ticket in Kansas or a Traffic ticket in Kansas you need to do something with it.  That something should not be neglect it...throw it away...of expect it to go away.  It’s really simple what will happen to you if you don't take care of it and you really have a couple of options each with different consequences.

Pay the fine on the speeding ticket :  If you pay the fine on the speeding ticket before the date on the ticket you are pleaing guilty to the charge.  It’s the exact same as going to the court and telling the judge that you are guilty of the charge listed on the ticket.  This is something that you can do.  If you choose to do this then the city or county where you received the speeding ticket will take the money and report your guilty plea to the Kansas Department of Revenue.  The department of revenue will then account the plea on your license and your insurance company or job will be able to discover the guilty plea when they run your driving record .  If you get more than three of these moving violations in a 12 month period the State of Kansas can suspend your driver's license.

Hire an AttorneyMany people find it wise to hire an attorney for speeding and traffic tickets.  An attorney can go to court for you and try to negotiate a way to keep the ticket off your record, either through a diversion or an amendment.  An attorney also might find it prudent to set your case for trial and try to convince a judge that you are innocent.  These are all possibilities...  On a large majority of cases an attorney can keep the charges off your record and you never have to go to court.

Throw the ticket away and never address it:   This is not a good idea.  If you skip your court date and never send in the payment you are making the worst possible decision for yourself in regards to the ticket.  If you don't go to court the judge will issue a warrant for your arrest and set a bond.  If you continue not to come to court the city or county will send a notice to the State of Kansas to suspend your driver's license.  If your driver's license has been suspended the state will send a notice to the address on your driver's license.  If you haven't updated your address and you have moved you won't get the notice.

If you don't get notice you will continue to drive and eventually you will get pulled over and then you will get arrested.  You will be charged with driving on a suspended driver's license and you will be looking at a mandatory 5 days in jail.  You will have to stay in jail until you can post the bond that the judge set for you and then you will have to go back to court like you should have in the first place.

Don't do this!  When you get a ticket you need to get it handled.  If you don't hire a lawyer you still need to get it handled.  You need to be responsible and get the ticket resolved or things will only get worse for you.

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