Monday, November 14, 2011

Lost your license because of a DUI? There may be a chance for you to get it back!

One of the major things that can cause big problems for a person in Kansas is a DUI Conviction and a suspension of a driver's license because of that conviction.

As I wrote about in my bi-weekly article published in several Kansas newspapers, the word is getting out. People are hearing the buzz about the new Kansas law  affecting people who have a license suspension due to a DUI Conviction. Suspended driver's want to know how they can get their license back and what they need to do.

Normally, a person is punished under the law that is current when they commit the illegal act. However, the new law is allowing people that have broken the law in the past to petition to get there license suspension reevaluated under the new law. The new law can allow people to get their ability to drive back far quicker than the old law.

You might just be a candidate to get your license back right now! Call our office today for a free consult.

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