Tuesday, November 8, 2011

What is SR22 Insurance? (SR-22 Insurance) Why do I need it?

First off there is no such thing as SR22 Insurance.  It’s not a classification of insurance or a type of insurance or special insurance. When people refer to SR22 insurance they are referring to the SR-22 Form that your insurance company must file with the state.  The SR-22 Form is filed with the state and it shows to the state what insurance coverage you have on a vehicle.  I person must ask the insurance company to file the SR-22 Form or do it themselves when necessary.

The only real reason for the average person to file an SR-22 Form to show the state what insurance coverage they have is because the state is requiring the person to have certain insurance coverage. 

Reasons you might have to file an SR-22 insurance form.

1. You had a DUI.
2. You got in an accident without insurance.
3. You got pulled over and you didn't have insurance.
4. Your license was suspended.

One of the most common reasons people have to file an SR-22 Form is for driving without insurance in Kansas.  Click here to see about driving without insurance in Kansas

If you get pulled over without insurance you will be required by the state to file an SR22 insurance form (and sometimes pay up 6 months advanced premium) or the state will suspend your license.  If you don't file the form you won't be able to legally drive.

There are a lot of twists and turns in the law concerning driving without insurance, license suspensions, and driving on suspended.  If you find yourself facing one of these charges you need an attorney's help.  Making one wrong decision on your own can have dramatic and prolonged impacts on your ability to drive and could even end you up in jail.  If you need help figuring it all out give my office a call.

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