Thursday, April 26, 2012

NO speeding ticket for the terminator! Arnold pulled over.

What happens when your the former Governor, a famous movie star, and an ex-body builder and you get pulled over speeding in your Mercedes?  You get a warning.  Arnold Schwarzenegger was allegedly speeding down the mean streets of Beverly Hills the other day and got pulled over by a motorcycle cop.  I am sure the cop was surprised to look behind the wheel and see the Terminator looking back at him.  If I were the policeman I would have asked him if he had seen John Conner.

So if you have been pulled over and are in need of a speeding ticket attorney remember the police aren't just picking on you most of the time.  The simple fact of the matter is that everyone at one time or another will get a speeding ticket if they speed.  Since we all can't be famous people and ex heads of state, don't plan on getting a warning.

When you get a ticket do yourself and you bank account a favor.  Call an experienced traffic ticket lawyer to help you.  Here is the article from which this story came from.

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