Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Police grant young man's wish to be Batman for a day!

Heard this on the Radio today.  Pretty neat idea and pretty nice of the police and firemen to take the time to set that up and entertain a kid that has had a rough go.  I guess a few less speeding tickets were handed out and a few less people were pulled over by the cops but I bet this kid had one heck of fun day.

It started with a young boy who likes Batman wishing he could be Batman for a day.  The police and firemen took on the project and ran with it.  The police had the young boy dress as Batman then had a policeman also dress in up as Batman the put a logo on the police car and staged a robbery at a local bank.  The two Batmen showed up to find a realistic looking joker in the middle of the robbery.  Where they foiled the robbery and took the Joker in.

The Fireman set up a fake car bomb planted by the Riddler where Batman helped the police arrest the bad guy.  This is one of the coolest use of public service ever.    Here is the video below. 

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