Monday, July 23, 2012

Kansas Police Search for Officer Impersonator

Driving through Kansas?  That cop that just pulled you over may not be a cop at all.  Turns out some person is playing cop in various different locations in Kansas.  Stopping people in a fake police cruiser, pulling them over, and out of their cars.  It looks like in some cases this yahoo is even searching the car and fondling the women he pulls over.  What kills me about this is first that its just plan ole' creepy, second is that you would think that at some time this guy would run across a real cop and get busted.

What I take from this is that you need to be really careful and use your head during a traffic stop.  Look at the police cruiser and the officer's uniform, if you think the officer is a fake you need to call 911 or *47 and make sure the stop is legitimate.  Another thing, never let an officer search your car.  The police have no right to pull you over and just search your car without probable cause to believe you have committed a crime so don't let them.

Here is the article about this crazy fake cop.

OLATHE, Kan. – Kansas law enforcement agencies are on alert after a second apparent incident of an officer impostor is reported this month. This latest incident happened in Southern Kansas. But it has agencies all across the state on the look-out.

“They’re criminals. They’re out there doing things making people feel unsafe about their police,” said Lt. Kenneth Woods, with the Kansas State Highway Patrol.  Woods says a man claims he was pulled over in Kingman County in southern Kansas. The victim claims a white man driving a white Crown Victoria, with a light bar and the words “Highway State Trooper” on the driver’s side had what looked like a gun.  He handcuffed the victim and searched his car for up to 15 minutes before releasing him.  “Definitely being pulled out of your car and searched for no reason and being let go without any type of warning or ticket or, any reasoning, is not reasonable,” Woods said.

The highway patrol is investigating this latest incident but they’re also assisting the Osawatomie Police Department in another incident where a woman says she was pulled over by a man with a similar description, driving a similar car earlier this month.  That woman says she was sexually assaulted during that stop.  Woods said to keep yourself out of these situations, become familiar with what your local and state agencies look like. He said look for legitimate uniforms with official patches. Also look for a full light bar, a set of dash lights or headlights that alternate and official markings on the car.  “Most of these people that are impersonating police men, they don’t have the full markings that normal patrol cars do,” he said.  Finally, Woods said you can also dial *47, if you’re on the highway, or *KTA, for the turnpike.   The dispatcher can verify if it is a real stop.  You can also dial 911.

It”s unclear if these two incidents are related, but the highway patrol says it, and the other agencies are taking these cases very seriously and warns officers are always looking for impersonators.

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