Monday, May 21, 2012

New evidence in the Baby Lisa kidnapping?

The parents of "Baby Lisa" appeared on the Today show this morning with some possible new evidence in the case of their missing daughter.  Apparently, the fathers debit card was stolen and used about one month after the kidnapping on a website that provides documents on how to change a baby's name legally.  From the information in the video the police believe that this is a very far fetched clue and probably a coincidence.  It does seem rather unlikely that someone would wait so long to use a stolen debit card number.  Hopefully the police will investigate the new possible evidence and give it it's due.

With the recent breakdowns in security in regards to credit card number hacking I would think it is far more likely that the father was just another victim of credit card number theft and online fraud. It is just a shame that no person has been identified as being involved in this kidnapping and the case seems to be falling by the wayside.

Here is the Today Show video.  Sorry about the difficult formatting of the video.

We had to take the video down and were not able to find a new source sorry.

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