Wednesday, September 5, 2012

KU ticket scandal inmate wants judge to toss out sentence.

Its been a year or more the University of Kansas ticket scandal ended but it turns out this thing just wont die.  A co-conspirator in the case that received a 46 month prison sentence has now submitted a motion alleging that his criminal defense lawyer at the time had actually caused him to spend longer in in prison and that he did not provide an adequate defense to the criminal charges.  Here is the article in the Kansas City Star..  Will update as new news comes out.

Ex-KU official wants judge to toss out sentence

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A former University of Kansas assistant athletics director wants a judge to throw out his sentence in a $2 million ticket scalping conspiracy, saying his lawyer did a poor job.Rodney Jones is serving a 46-month federal prison sentence in Oklahoma. He was among seven people snared in the investigation of unlawful sales of Jayhawk season tickets by key athletics officials.

Jones filed a motion Monday in federal court claiming his attorney prevented him from cooperating early with an internal university investigation. Two defendants who did cooperate received probation.  Jones also claims prosecutors did not honor an agreement to recommend leniency for his substantial assistance. He argues his attorney did not provide a vigorous defense, in an effort to avoid offending the prosecutor and jeopardizing the recommendation for leniency.

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