Tuesday, September 11, 2012

KC Lawyer facing murder charges.

Saw this on KCTV5 last night.  A Kansas City Lawyer is now facing second degree murder charges after allegedly forging documents giving her durable power of attorney over her father's healthcare decisions and then using that document to deny her father heath care after he was shot several times.  It seemed like a really nice couple, I hope that if this is in fact true the court serves up some justice for these two.

Here is the article on KCTV5.


KC law firm owner charged in father's 2010 death

Posted: Sep 11, 2012 8:49 AM CDT Updated: Sep 11, 2012 8:59 AM CDT
A Kansas City law firm owner has been arraigned in the deadly shooting of her father.  Susan Elizabeth Van Note, 44, is charged with killing her father, 67-year-old William Van Note, who died along with his longtime partner, Sharon Dickson.  Desre and Stacey Dory, of Shawnee, have also been indicted on second-degree murder and forgery counts.  Dickson died at the home in the Camden County town of Sunrise Beach.  William Van Note died four days later at a Boone County hospital.

Charles and Joyce Newcomer shared a quiet North Kansas City cul-de-sac for 16 years with William Van Note and his companion.  The couple lived in a home off Northwest 80th Terrace until about four years ago when they moved down to Sunrise Beach, MO.  Newcomer still remembers the day he heard about the attack that claimed their lives.  "It was quite startling.  Someone you knew and lived next to for so many years.  It was scary," he said.

The Newcomers were equally shocked when they heard Susan Van Note was arrested Friday and charged with his murder.  She pleaded not guilty to the charges in a Boone County courtroom Monday.  "My first reaction was, 'Oh my.'  I'm glad we raised our kids to be loving," Joyce Newcomer said.  Charging documents released Monday allege the Lee's Summit lawyer who practiced in Kansas City forged paperwork to gain durable power of attorney over healthcare matters of her father, a power prosecutors say she used to deny him life sustaining medical treatment in the days after he was shot several times.

William Van Note's neighbor in Sunrise Beach was not surprised to near the details released in the charging document.  "A lot of the people here figured she had something to do with it, and she hired someone to do it,"  George Wallace said.  No charges have been filed in the murder of Sharon Dickson.  The attorney for Susan Van Note entered a not-guilty plea on her behalf during a hearing Monday in Boone County.  A judge issued a $1 million bond for Susan Van Note.

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