Tuesday, October 9, 2012

National Database goes after Drivers with Unpaid Speeding Tickets

I came across this video on the Fox4 news webpage. It describes the mess that the National Driver Registry has caused some people. The National registry was created to help states identify people that had license suspensions in different states and keep them from going across state lines to get a new license when they should not have one.

This all sounds well and good but states are now using it to collect on speeding ticket and traffic tickets. We all know that the economy is not great and States are doing whatever is necessary to generate revenue, well this is now creating another source. States are combing through the old speeding tickets and traffic tickets that are unpaid and now entering them into this NDR (National Drivers Registry) and suspending people's license based on not taking care of their old tickets.

Most people have no idea until it is too late and they have been pulled over and are facing a Driving on Suspended charge. Here it a link to the video. Below is the story and a link to the NDR and a Q&A for people who are facing a Driving on Suspended Charge.



Link to the NDR:

Driving on Suspended:

National Database Goes after Drivers with Unpaid Speeding Tickets 

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Do you have any unpaid speeding tickets? They could come back to haunt you. States are using a national database designed to track down problem drivers, including drivers with unpaid speeding tickets. If your name appears on the database you could find yourself unable to renew your driver’s license.

That’s what happened to a Missouri man when Florida went after him for a 1983 ticket.

FOX 4 Problem Solver Linda Wagar has the story.

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