Monday, July 10, 2017

The Criminal Defense Process Part 9 Defense Discovery

The Criminal Defense Process Part 9 – Defense Discovery

In this video, I am going to be talking about doing your own discovery, or defense discovery, in the context of a criminal defense case. Now, just like in almost every situation you deal with, you do not want to rely on just one avenue for getting all of your information. You want to do your own investigation. Now, in a criminal defense case, this is vital because you do not want to rely on just the police or just the people who are trying to charge you with a crime or convict you of a crime to produce all of the evidence in your case. What you want to do is do some discovery on your own. Now, it is common for a criminal defense lawyer to go out and visit the scene of an alleged crime. At that time, they can take pictures, or have a private investigator take pictures. These will be useful when they are trying to lay out the case or draw out a diagram or make some sort of demonstration to the jury. The next thing that you will want to do in a criminal case is you will also want to hire a private investigator. That private investigator can be invaluable. They can go out, they can interview witnesses, they can interview witnesses that the police did not interview. If there is a crucial witness in a case that is against you, that private investigator can do a background search on them, they can try to find evidence your criminal defense lawyer can use to impeach that witness. Also, as part of the discovery process on your side, you can interview experts. If you have an expert that would be relevant to your case that can help explain a complicated, scientific issue to a jury, you might want to consult with that expert or even retain that expert to come into court to explain these types of things. I cannot stress enough that whenever, on any criminal defense case, the defendant’s discovery is going to be vital to having a successful outcome in a criminal defense matter. For more information on criminal defense, and topics like these, please view our website, for more information.

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