Sunday, October 2, 2011

Can I Clean up my driving record?

So you got a speeding ticket in Kansas, or a driving on a suspended license, or reckless driving charge and you didn't hire an attorney, or you did and the attorney didn't help you. Now you have the conviction on your driving record and your employer has found out.

Your going to get fired, or your not going to get the job you really need! We may be able to help. Sometimes an attorney can file a motion to set aside your guilty plea on a charge and help clean up your driving record. We have done this before and been very successful.

I have personally been able to remove convictions for speeding and other convictions ranging up to driving on suspended in Gardner, Olathe, Douglas County, Fairway, and Prairie Village.

We may be able to help. Give our office a call at 913-732-3014.

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