Thursday, October 6, 2011

What to do when you have a warrant out for failure to appear.

When you are given a speeding ticket in Kansas you are given a court date to go to court and address the charges on the speeding ticket.  Usually, this is a first appearance where you can get a later date if you want to contest the speeding ticket and set it for trial.  If you fail to show up for your court date one of many things will happen.  Some courts will issue a thirty day notice to appear to the address on your driver's license, some will issue a bench warrant and set a bond you must pay before you can get a new court date, some will reset your court date and make you pay a failure to appear fee.  Whatever is done it will not be good for you.  If you find yourself with a warrant for failure to appear you have some options.

Options When You Have an Outstanding Warrant

Call the Court:  The Court will be able to tell you the amount of the bond.  You should also ask the Court if you have the option of turning yourself in.  Sometimes a Court or Judge will allow you to show up for Court and get the warrant withdrawn by yourself.  You will probably have to be ready to resolve the ticket/case. 
Bond: If you have a bond, you have several options. The first is to put up the cash bond. You can either use that bond money for the fine and/or you will get the money back. But obviously sometimes paying cash for the bond isn't an option. You then call a bondsman who will put up the bond for you for a fee. You will not get that fee back.
Call a Lawyer:  Many times, a Lawyer can appear for you in Court and have your warrant withdrawn. Some courts in Kansas will set aside your bond if you have an attorney file an Entry of Appearance on your case.  If this is an option it can often be the fastest and easiest way to take care of a warrant.

Now remember, this is not ideal.  You do not want to have failure to appear anywhere next to your name.  When you fail to appear you are not showing respect to the court.  Every time you have a court date a judge will say your name out loud in court.  If you are not in attendance time after time your name just keeps getting called out and it sticks in the head of both the judge and the prosecutor.  They will remember your name when it comes to handling your case.  They will remember that you did not show respect to the court.  They will make it harder on you.  So do yourself a favor and show up for court.

Places that will issue a warrant and notice to suspended your license.

Overland Park
Johnson County
Douglas County
Bonner Springs
Kansas City KS
Lake Quivira
Miami County
Mission Hills
Prairie Village
Roeland Park
Wyandotte County

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