Wednesday, January 25, 2012

How do I find out why my driver's license is suspended in Kansas?

The story doesn't change much.  A person gets pulled over for speeding, the officer asks for your license and your proof of insurance and says, "Wait right here."  The officer returns to your vehicle a short time later with some surprising news.  Your license has been suspended and now your not only having to deal with a speeding ticket but now you are getting charged with a Driving While Suspended.

The questions most people have include:  What kind of punishment am I looking at?  How much is this going to cost?... and the most common, WHY IS MY LICENSE SUSPENDED?

Well the answers to the first two questions have already been addressed in this blog here.

But if you are wanting to find out why your license is suspended watch this video.

The Kansas Department of Revenue has made it pretty easy to find out what is going on with your license.  You go to this website:

or Click this link  Kansas Driver's License Check

The site is pretty user freindly.  Just fill out the form and hit submit.  The KDR database will search and pull up the status of your license.  If you are suspended it will tell you the court in which has suspended your license as well as the phone number and give you a reason for the suspension.  Now you will at least know why it is suspended, so when you call an attorney to fix the problem you will have some grasp of the costs involved and work that will need to be done.

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