Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Police will be cracking down on 69 Hwy in Overland Park.

Do you have a lead foot?  Well don't say you weren't warned.  This  story aired last night on the news (KCTV5) about the confusing mess that is I69 in Overland ParkI69 in Overland Park has been under construction for what seems like forever and all that road work confuses people that aren't familiar with the area.  When people get confused they slow down and that causes traffic.  When there is traffic people are trying to get out of traffic and often will speedSpeeding causes cops. Cops cause speeding tickets.

Like the story said the police will be ramping up efforts to patrol the area more.  I checked this morning and rest assured there were two Overland Park Police cruisers, one on each side of the road,  close to the 103rd street exit.

Looks like the Overland Park PD is keeping their word.  So if your driving through that area remember to slow down and obey the speed limitOverland Park municipal prosecutors will not amend tickets in a construction zone.  If you get a ticket in a construction zone in Overland Park its a trial or a guilty plea, thats it.

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