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Kansas City man accused of robbing hotel guests in cop disguise

Aaron Hall
Aaron Hall (Suspect)
Well this is a strange one.  The police have arrested a man that they believe is responsible for multiple robberies in the Kansas City metro.  It appears this man's ploy was to meet women online and/or at a hotel and then tell them he was a Kansas City Missouri police officer.  He would then proceed to handcuff them and then rob or in some cases allegedly rape them.  Then leave with their valuables.  It looks like this guy was probably shaking down prostitutes mostly, probably in hopes that they wouldn't report the crime.

This whole scenario is just another reason why you never let a policeman into your house unless they have a warrant.  Had these citizens just shut the door and said let me see your warrant or you can not come in this alleged cop would have most likely left for an easier target.

Here is the article in the Kansas City Star.

Kansas City man accused of impersonating an officer to rob hotel guest
By: Chrisine Vendel -KC Star

Jackson County prosecutors have accused a 30-year-old Kansas City man of posing as a law enforcement officer and robbing a woman at a Kansas City hotel last month.  The heist is believed to be the fourth in a series of similar robberies, and a sexual assault, that occurred between May 11 and Aug. 19 in Kansas City.

Prosecutors charged Aaron M. Hall with robbery, armed criminal action and kidnapping in the most recent holdup against a 27-year-old woman he met online. He was arrested and charged on Sept. 9, but the case was kept sealed until today. The investigation into the other crimes is ongoing, police said. Court records said there is “evidence that Hall committed the other offenses.”

The most recent victim told police she met a man on a website and agreed to meet him to exchange $200 for one hour of sex. Once they got into her room at the Courtyard by Marriott, 500 E. 105th St., the man revealed a t-shirt that said “Police KCMO.” He had a gun in a holster on his hip and he showed her a silver badge which read: “special forces,” according to police reports. He told the woman she was under arrest for soliciting prostitution.  The man handcuffed her, ransacked the hotel room for valuables and fled with her car keys, cell phone, cash and a laptop.

After the crime, police publicly released photos of the suspect that were taken from a hotel in one of the other similar crimes. Four tipsters called police and said they recognized the man in the photo as Hall, according to court records. One tipster provided his date of birth. Police also linked the phone number that the most recent victim used to arrange her meeting with the suspect to Hall, court records said.  The victim also identified Hall from a photo array.  The other incidents, as reported to police:  On May 11, a man knocked on a 26-year-old woman’s door at the Drury Inn, 3830 Blue Ridge Cutoff, and told her she was under arrest because he had heard someone had been smoking marijuana in her room.

The man handcuffed the victim, searched the room and looked through the woman’s purse. He uncuffed her and left with her cellphone and $300 cash. The victim said she called her cellphone from the room phone and the man hung up on her.  On June 5, a man a 32-year-old woman met outside the Extended Stay Hotel, 550 E. 105th St., came to her room. He said he smelled marijuana, told the woman he was a police officer and handcuffed her. He then searched the room, uncuffed the victim and left with her purse.  On July 20, an 18-year-old woman received a call from a man who got her number from a hotline or chat room and he came to her room at the Super Inn Motel, 1600 N.E. Parvin Road. The woman said the man raped her and then said he was a police officer. He left with the victim’s money. The woman later told police that she no longer wanted to make a report.

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