Thursday, March 21, 2013

Criminal Defense Lawyer's Mug Shot ends up right next to his own advertisement

Now this is hilarious.  Turns out a criminal defense lawyer in Florida, was arrested over the weekend for his involvement in a drunken hit and run...that's bad but not news.  The funny thing is that guy advertises on one of those mugshot websites, and well hilarity ensues. Here is the article and the picture.

Criminal Defense Lawyer's Mug Shot Ends Up Next to Own Online Ad After Weekend Arrest

Criminal Defense Lawyer’s Mug Shot Ends Up Next to Own Online Ad After Weekend Arrest

Bad: Criminal defense attorney Thomas Lewis Edwards of Gainesville, Florida, was arrested over the weekend and charges with multiple counts stemming from an alleged drunken hit-and-run.

Worse: His mug shot appeared on a local mug shot website juxtaposed with an online banner ad for his own legal practice, Schackow, Mercadante & Edwards.

Worst: Back in 2007, Edwards was interviewed by The Gainesville Sun about bad-looking mug shots, and had this to say:
"Mug shots, unfortunately, are never good pictures. They've usually got people who are in compromised positions," said Gainesville defense attorney Thomas Edwards.

"They arrest you and you're not looking so good. They're not going to give you a plastic comb. They are not going to concern themselves if you look like crap."

Short of someone turning themselves in at the jail, most people can't prepare for getting their mug shot taken, Edwards said.  Legally, he added, there's nothing a defense lawyer can do about a bad mug shot except make sure it doesn't prejudice a jury that will hear the case.
Oof. If he's looking for a good lawyer, I hear Thomas Lewis Edwards is superb.


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