Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Missouri Man gets 11 years for ripping off his own neighbors

A federal judge sentenced Daniel Meredith to 11 years after he pulled an elaborate scam in which he ripped off his own neighbors and friends for about $3.5 million.  This jerk was basically conning his own friends out of money and ended up bankrupting one of them.  Just goes to show you you have to be diligent when your investing and not just trust a friend because he is a friend.

Here is the article in the St. Louis Post Dispatch.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. •  A northwest Missouri man who stole about $3.5 million from friends and neighbors in an investment fraud scheme will spend 11 years in prison with no chance of parole.
A federal judge sentenced Daniel Meredith, 51, of Excelsior Springs on Tuesday for promising his victims high profits on investments in a purported Bolivian land scheme and fake coffee house franchises.

His victims lived mostly in Missouri and Kansas. One lost millions of dollars and at least one other had to declare bankruptcy.

Federal prosecutors say Meredith claimed to have connections with former presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush and several other government officials.  Meredith spent the money at casinos, on horses and for an extravagant home.

Prosecutors say Meredith conducted the schemes between serving sentences for other cons.

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